Nakato 13:30-15:00

Dutch // Dance Square




As a child of the 80’s & 90’s you experienced a very special music period, with the rise of many new styles, including of course the Electronic Dance and all variants that came from it.

In my youth I remember especially programs like FerryMaats soul show and Ben Liebrands ‘In The Mix’ and later ‘Van Diepens Dancedepartment’.

DJing started for me about 20 years ago, with vinyl and especially the deeper House and Techno side I liked. For years we went with a group to the Loveparade in Berlin, old festivals such as ‘I love Techno’, ‘DanceValley’ were on the agenda, but also many club visits. The vinyl collection grew as well as the DJ’s skills and gigs. And by a fairly radical ‘professional switch’ it was possible since 2011 for me to become a full time DJ, in combination with the rental of DJ stages based on classic vw vans.


On Dancesquare Nakato is the only DJ who is in the line-up of the last 14 versions and of course the resident DJ of this event.


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