Bass Modulators 22:30-24:00

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Bass Modulators is a collaboration between the Dutch Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek that started back in 2007. Two friends since high school, both with a great passion for music who found their true believe in Hardstyle at the age of 17.

The adventure started from the moment that they put a demo online of one of their first tracks and got an offer from DJ’s United records to release it.

When Tatanka saw their talent as the top man of DJU, he offered them the possibility to have their own label. This resulted in the successful (sub)Label ‘Orange Records’ where they were able to express their creativity. This was also the place where they released their immense hits like ‘Quarantine’, ‘NRGizer’ and ‘Take it Back’.

The year that followed was one great adventure. The successes resulted in a lot of amazing gigs with major support from fans as well as organizations and other DJ’s. The gigs kept coming and they flew all around the world to spread their sound. They played at some of the biggest stages and festivals in Europe like Q-Base, Emporium and the Qontinent, and now they’re even heading up for some bigger stuff..

One year and lots of releases later, they got the offer to join the world leading Scantraxx label. This was an offer they couldn’t refuse and so they took this big step to share their unique and improved sound with the world under the famous Scantraxx imprint.

Working in the studio 24/7 and aiming for the highest regions they show they’re up for the job. There won’t be any damage control!


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